Client Services

Dominic Spelich, EVP, Client Services

VEC has completed 344 estimates to date for year 2021. The estimating team is doing a fantastic job and award ratio is double the industry standard. Great job team!! Within the 344 estimates 78 of those are on our open list which means we are still waiting on an answer if awarded

VEC remains focused on bidding and pursuing upcoming opportunity for the remainder of 2021. We are currently evaluating opportunities for telecommunications projects (aerial and underground), renewable energy projects, substation construction, oil & gas facilities, civil infrastructure, distribution line work, industrial projects and low voltage projects (fiber, structure cabling, security, and communications).

VEC’s Marketing Manager, Becky Bertuzzi has updated the VEC website. Please take a look at it.

If you hear, read or come across any projects upcoming that you feel VEC would be interested in please let me know and we will look into. Some of VEC’s best opportunities for sales come from the ones reading this new letter.

In closing as I always say, please understand all the services VEC offers and if you’re on a job and see a client has a need for one of our services don’t hesitate to let them know we are available to support those needs.