Q: What services does VEC, Inc. provide?
A: As a local electrical contractor, we provide general contracting, and everything in between including civil & infrastructure, industrial, oil & gas, power & electric, and systems contracting.

Q: How long has VEC, Inc. been in business?
A: VEC, Inc. was founded in 1965 as a local contractor and has grown into a total construction solutions provider over the years. Visit our History page to learn more.

Q: Who is the Owner of VEC, Inc?
A: Rex Ferry is the Owner/CEO of VEC, Inc. In 1990, after twenty plus years as an IBEW electrician and project manager, he purchased VEC, Inc. In 2016, Jeff Barber, Rachel Barber, Tricia Ferry, and Dominic Spelich were promoted to Executive Vice Presidents. Rex is still very much involved in the company strategy and enjoys the fact that his family can be involved in the business. Visit our Leadership page to learn more.

Q: What are the core values that VEC, Inc. holds?
A: Our core values are faith, family, and community, and we place great value on the relationships we have with our families, one another, and with the surrounding communities. Visit our VEC Culture page to learn more.

Q: What services are offered by your Civil & Infrastructure Division?
A: VEC, Inc. offers civil construction/civil contracting, municipal construction, energy & power construction including underground utility line repairs.

Q: What services are offered by your General Contracting Division?
A: VEC, Inc. offers single source construction services including upgrades and renovations, plant expansions, new construction, as well as mission critical spaces.

Q: What services are offered by your Industrial Division?
A: VEC, Inc. provides field instrumentation, tubing, distribution, substations, underground utility line repairs and overhead utility line repairs, electrical, prefabricated control and MCC buildings, high voltage/low voltage installations, and general contracting (expansions, upgrades, new builds).

Q: What services are offered by your Oil & Gas Division?
A: Our capabilities include civil contracting/site work, mechanical contracting, electrical, fabrication, structural integrity & maintenance.

Q: What services are offered by your Power Division?
A: We are a power construction company that offers distribution (24/7 support including storm response), transmission line contractor, and high voltage substation construction services.

Q: What services are offered by your Systems Integrator?
A: We’re proud to be an electrical systems contractor offering audio-visual contracting, CCTV-Security, professional sound, voice and data cabling, and data network contracting.

Q: What markets does VEC, Inc. serve?
A: VEC, Inc. serves the Automotive, Chemicals, Education & Healthcare, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, and Renewables markets as a total construction solution provider.

Q: What are toolbox talks?
A: Toolbox talks are one of the ongoing industrial construction company safety measures at VEC, Inc. They are weekly safety meetings on our job sites that give our foremen and superintendents a chance to re-enforce the safety message to our team.