Rachel Barber, EVP of Finance

The Finance Team continues to improve on processes and procedures this past quarter by implementing DocuSign and TravPay into our teams daily workflow.  We are using DocuSign currently for Subcontractor Purchase Orders and will begin implementation of using DocuSign to onboard our Subcontractors with the completion and signing of the Setup Packet.  The new system allows our team to track the information being sent out as well as being returned in a much more timely manner.  The TravPay program we recently started to use incorporates the payment of our workers’ compensation expense on a weekly basis versus paying for an estimated cost over a 10 month period.  This new process allows for better accountability of our cash and the elimination of a potential true-up at year end based on the estimated costs versus actual costs as we have done in years prior. 

 Jessica Balent recently achieved her Certified Public Accountant license through the National Association of States Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) and is a CPA!!!  This is a tremendous undertaking she achieved over a year and half’s time.  She utilized the Prometric Testing Centers to sit for each of the four exams.  Please take a moment to congratulate Jessica.  She continues to be a valuable asset to the entire VEC Team.