VEC has worked in the oil and gas industry since 1965 when Evets Electric was one of the premier specialty contractors in the industry. Over 50 years later, VEC now provides complete construction solutions for the industry and is still known as an oil construction company who gets the job done right.


Our primary geographic footprint is in the Midwest and Northeast, but we have the ability to work anywhere in the country, completing work where our clients need us. We self-perform most major pipeline facilities construction activities and rely on a network of subcontractor partners for a small portion of our projects.

Oil & Gas

Tescott Compressor Station

Location: Tescott, KS

Unit addition and upgrades to an existing gas compressor station. VEC installed an 11,110 horsepower Solar Taurus 70 turbine driving a C45 compressor at Unit 6 and performed controls upgrades to the existing compressor at Unit 5.

Oil & Gas

Station 605

Location: Wyoming County, PA

Installation of a two unit grassroots compressor station. VEC installed two 15,000 horsepower EMD compressors, buildings and ancillary equipment and piping from the suction and discharge headers, including main-line block valve assembly and pipeline outside of the station fence line.

Oil & Gas

Rover Meter Stations

Location: OH, PA, WV, MI

Installation of multiple meter stations along a dual 42″ pipeline running from Pennsylvania through West Virginia and Ohio, up through Michigan.

Oil & Gas

Farmington Compressor Station

Location: Farmington, NY

Electrical installation of a greenfield two unit compressor station. Two 16,000 horsepower electric driven Solar units were installed.

Oil & Gas

2020 M&R Projects

Locations: OH, PA, MD, WV, VA, KY

Various upgrades to 12 meter and regulation stations in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Kentucky and Virginia.

Oil & Gas

Petersburg Compressor Station

Location: Petersburg, VA

Temporary installation of four compressor at the Petersburg station. VEC completed the temporary compressor pad installation and the installation of the four temporary compressors and station bypass.

Oil & Gas

Willow Lake Compressor Station

Location: Collins, SD

Installation of a one-unit greenfield compressor station. VEC completed all concrete work including slabs, building foundations and pipe supports, all aboveground and underground piping and electrical systems, set all equipment and completed tie-ins and installed all instrumentation.

Oil & Gas

CS 3 Compressor Station

Locations: Bloomville, OH

Electrical installation of a five unit grassroots mainline compressor station along the Rover Pipeline. VEC installed all conduit, wire and cabling, grounding, instrumentation tubing, site lighting, motor starter rack and heat trace.

Oil & Gas

B-Systems Upgrades

Location: Petersburg, VA

Facility modification, removal and installation at four sites; Crawford ESD, Lancaster West RS-1487, Lancaster 5 MS-735287 and the Greenfield RS-7944.