Project Integration

Brian Harclerode, Project Coordinator

The Project Integration Team continues to introduce more effective ways of combining industry and technology.  The past year, members of the integration team have begun to “cloud power” their model projects utilizing BIM Collaborate.  What this allows us to do is have all model projects backed up, saved and be accessible by any team member. Revisions are saved instantaneously and are accessible by any team member. Team members are able to share workloads and work in the most up-to-date model at any time. Our project modeling data is all located on the cloud, saving hardware space and freeing up our servers. The point cloud files we use are massive, BIM Collaborate allows us to use the power of the cloud to share these files and link them seamlessly into projects, without needing localized reference files. Again, this saves server space, cuts down on transfer time and allows multiple team members to work on the same file without interrupting or corrupting others’ work.

Additionally, team members can remotely work from any internet connected location and all models can be viewed via a URL rather than having to carry or use any type of external drive. This allows for on the fly editing. It will also allow us to share models with customers without having to utilize specialized software or machines. All it takes is an internet connection and browser enabled device, such as an iPad or mobile phone.

Along with the Project Integration Team moving into cloud powered model projects, the entire VEC Team will be joining the construction cloud on Autodesk Build. Autodesk, who’s product family includes programs like AutoCAD, Revit and Plant 3D, recently acquired our company-wide favorite PlanGrid, and has rebranded it as Autodesk Build. This new software suite will combine all the document control features VEC is accustomed to using through PlanGrid and has added in the project management capabilities of Autodesk’s construction cloud.  Some of the highlights of Autodesk Build are;

  • A complete suite of project management tools in addition to joining the PlanGrid app into one product
  • The PlanGrid app & process we know and love will remain completely unchanged
  • All 2D and 3D drawings will be viewable in one place along with numerous other native file types
  • All project documents and data will be able to be shared and viewed by any team member
  • Autodesk Build will utilize an UNLIMITED USER model for VEC making the barrier of entry virtually invisible.  No more Levels of Access, or sheet limits or license shuffling!
  • All VEC departments are welcomed and encouraged to take part of the construction cloud
  • Project Integration Team model projects will be able instantaneously updated and shared by any team member
  • BIM Collaborate integrates seamlessly with Build
  • Full company integration from the Field to the Office

Companywide rollout will be happening in the near future!  Be on the lookout for VEC’s cloud powered construction process! 

On the project side of the Project Integration Team, our Industrial focused members are all working on site with the team at Ultium. The project is one of the more challenging Design/Build jobs we have ever taken on as a company. Through collaboration, cooperation and a little blood, sweat and tears, we are on a path to success. The facility itself is impressive and we invite any of you who may be interested to come out and experience the site for a day. Mechanically, we continue to work with familiar partners using better methods and producing better results. Below you can see a “How It Started versus How It’s Going” snapshot of a recent TransCanada project we’ve been working on. It is fairly typical of the work we do on a mechanical project before the first bucket of dirt is dug. By creating a 3D model based off of customers’ drawings, we can utilize our pre-fab capabilities as well as find and overcome any obstacles before we get boots on the ground on site.

Thank you all, again, for your continued support of our efforts. And, as always, if you’d like a deeper explanation of what we’re up to or have any questions or concerns, just reach out to any of the team members.


How It Started ...

How It's Going.