Jeff Barber, EVP, Projects

The hallways in the Projects Team building are almost as quiet this year as last during the pandemic.  This year it is not due to the global crisis of the COVID-19 virus but due to all the great client projects we are performing work on.  It may have been a slow start in the first quarter of the year, but there is no shortage of ongoing work within any of the departments both locally and out of state.

Work has shifted over the last year so the VEC Team continues to stay fluid.  We are usually talking about the “Big Job” in the oil and gas side of things but this year it just wasn’t meant to be.  Make no mistake, there is plenty going on here.  They are smaller projects that are sequenced to perform on tight schedules and move to the next.  Making upgrades to the stations and pipelines across many states the team continues to impress our clients with flexibility, technologies and leadership.   

We are just wrapping up a great project on the Ultium – Lordstown site that both the Power Team and the Industrial Team jointly executed.  This 138KVA incoming lines and “switchyard” will be providing power to the LG Chem/GM flagship battery manufacturing facility that will be powering your future vehicles for decades.  There is nothing that we cannot accomplish when we call upon our team’s experience.

Well getting back to “The BIG JOB” just because we are finishing up the 138KVA Switchyard does not mean we are moving off the site.  VEC has been awarded the IT Infrastructure Package for the more than 2 million square foot facility. The team is well underway installing conduits, supports, fiber optics and category cabling that will transmit and control everything from the offices to production.  If that is not enough, we are building the data center in that same building. Now we get to show off some of our GC skills and wrap it all up as one big opportunity. 

If you are starting to get the picture more clearly as to how busy the Systems Integration team is becoming … the typical summer school work awards and scheduled prior-to-fall in seat classes starting around the state has them already fully booked.  Topping that off with all the integration, terminations and testing at the Ultium site they have a work outlook like we have never seen in the history of the division.

It goes without saying that we can’t forget about Shell Project over in Monaca that has provided VEC an anchor of opportunity.  TC Energy is talking about work for next year.  Aptiv that has been a steady client for years and the continued service work within the local community and much, much more.

It has never before been so clear as to how the VEC team supports each other between all the departments.   As one specialty gets us an opportunity it then opens a door to other opportunities for other departments.  When one department is a little slower the others pick up work.  Ultimately supporting the team and the business continues to be stable and moving forward.  This is all by design and the big picture plan is coming together. Our flexibility, adaptability and motivation to succeed is enabling us to grow and look forward to the future. 

Thank you all for everything you do for our clients, customers and entire VEC Team.  We could not do it without you!